Fatal Funnel Fly Trap Reviews

Homemade Fly, Wasp & Hornet Traps 

Nobody wants flies, wasps, hornets, or other annoying insects hanging around their home. It’s hard to relax when you’re constantly swatting away bugs or worried about being stung. 


Fatal Funnel insect traps are an innovative and cost-effective way to eliminate any of these insects that are invading your space. Best of all, you can order them directly to your home and start using them in your homemade fly, wasp, and hornet traps as soon as they arrive. 


Why Customers Love Our DIY Fly Catchers & Wasp Traps 

Buying standard fly, wasp, and hornet traps may not break the bank, but the costs do add up. If you need multiple traps for different locations around your property, you can easily spend $100+ between buying the traps themselves and refilling them with expensive lures and baits. 


Fatal Funnel traps are an affordable alternative to higher-priced options on the market. They work just as effectively, are safer to have around your home, and are better for the environment. 


How Our Homemade Insect Traps Work 

The Fatal Funnel trap is a simple funnel device that you insert into a plastic two-liter bottle. You partially fill the bottle with an easy-to-mix attractant recipe. There are various recipes available online, but most use different combinations of sugar, water, fruit juice, or small meat pieces.  


The liquid will lure flies, wasps, and hornets with its sweet smell, and then they’ll drown in it. Once the liquid fills up with insects, you can remove the bottle cap, pour it out, and put in a new mixture, or simply recycle it and set up a new trap. 


The Benefits of Using Fatal Funnel Fly & Wasp Traps 

There are many reasons our customers love using our fly traps and rely on them time and time again, such as: 


  • Effective at eliminating flies, wasps, and hornets 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Free of pesticides, chemicals, and other toxins 
  • Safe to use around kids and pets 
  • Easy to use 


Read some of our customer reviews to learn more about why people choose Fatal Funnel traps.  


When you’re ready to live free of flies, wasps, and other pesky insects, order your homemade insect traps from us today!