DIY Fly, Wasp, & Hornet Trap Catcher


DIY Fly, Wasp & Hornet Trap



When it comes to household insect solutions, there’s no shortage of options on the market. But if you need more than one trap to place around your home and refill throughout the season, ready-made traps and repellents can start to make a dent in your wallet. 


Instead, why not opt for a simple DIY fly, wasp, and hornet trap you can put together at home for much cheaper? With the Fatal Funnel, DIY insect traps are made easy. 


How to Make a Fly Trap from an Empty Soda Bottle 

Fatal Funnel fly and wasp traps are a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution to your insect problems. Once you have one of our traps, all you’ll need to set it up is a plastic two-liter bottle, a knife, and a few common kitchen ingredients. 


Using a DIY online recipe—which typically only includes a mix of water, sugar, fruit juice, and sometimes bits of meat—make an attractant fluid. Pour the attractant into the empty soda bottle, about one-third to half of the way up.  


Use the knife to make a two-inch cross-slit on the side of the bottle, then insert the Fatal Funnel into the slit. Twist the funnel to tighten and cap the bottle. Flies, wasps, and hornets will be attracted to the sweet liquid, enter the funnel to get to it, and drown. 


Why Use a DIY Fly & Wasp Trap 

Ready-to-go insect traps and sprays may seem like an easier option than the Fatal Funnel. In truth, however, they often require the same minimal setup. 


Our Fatal Funnel fly and wasp traps are easy to set up yourself and reuse. They’re also very affordable in bulk and can be shipped nationwide from our Utah facility directly to your home. Plus, our DIY traps are free of pesticides, chemicals, and toxic insect repellants, making them eco-friendly and safer for children and pets. 


DIY pest control has never been easier with our simple Fatal Funnel traps. Order your trap packs online today to eliminate flies, wasps, and hornets lurking in or around your home!