About Us

Mike Uhl


My name is Mike Uhl and I am the founder and inventor of the Fatal Funnel Traps including both the Wasp and Hornet Trap and Fly Trap. My goal was to create a low- cost affordable trapping device for those people who required several traps around their property, but were reluctant to purchase
 the higher priced traps on the market… and then re-purchase the expensive lures and baits. I started with the idea of using the most common container available… the 2-liter bottle. Why sell and ship the container when re-using a 2-liter bottle makes so
much sense. That would only inflate the cost of the traps to you the consumer.

Fatal Funnel is considered an eco-friendly product because we encourage you to reduce, recycle and re-use the 2-liter bottle as well as the funnels. It is also chemical, pesticide, and poison-free making it safe around kids and pets.

Fatal Funnel is a simple funnel device inserted into a 2-liter bottle. The insects are attracted using a common household attractant which you are able to mix up and replace as needed. There’s no messy clean up when the trap is no longer effective… simply discard or recycle the 2-liter bottle and start with a new bottle.

The company is located in Logan, Utah. We are a 100% Made in America” company and Fatal Funnel products are all manufactured and packaged in Utah.

You can buy Fatal Funnel in select stores, catalogs or order it directly from our website.