Fatal Funnel Fly Trap FAQs

How to Make a Fly Trap from an Empty Soda Bottle 

Hornets, flies, wasps, and other insects in and around your home can be a serious nuisance and a potential health hazard. Many people think their only option is to buy expensive traps or pay for pest removal if they want to rid their space of these insects.  


But a simpler and cheaper option is available—our Fatal Funnel traps! 


Fatal Funnel Fly & Wasp Traps FAQ 

An easy-to-use, cost-efficient solution for fly and wasp problems may seem too good to be true. But our Fatal Funnel fly and wasp traps are as real (and effective) as it gets!  


Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions we receive about Fatal Funnels. 


How does the Fatal Funnel work? 

The science behind the Fatal Funnel trap is simple. All you need to do is partially fill a plastic two-liter bottle with an attractant recipe and cap it. Then, cut a two-inch opening above the fluid line. Insert the trap into the opening and tighten it against the bottle. Place it in any problem areas where you’ve seen flies, wasps, or hornets.  


From there, nature will do the rest! The insects will smell the sweet attractant fluid, enter the bottle through the funnel to get to it, and the rest is history. 


What do I need to use the funnel trap? 

Once you’ve ordered a pack of our traps, here’s what else you’ll need to use them: 


  • Two-liter plastic bottle with cap 
  • Knife to cut opening 
  • Ingredients for a sweet attractant (varies by recipe) 
  • Wire, if you wish to hang your traps 


Can I use any plastic bottle? 

We recommend using a two-liter bottle for the best result. 


Is the Fatal Funnel safe for children and pets? 

Yes! Fatal Funnel fly and wasp traps don’t use any chemicals, pesticides, or toxic substances to eliminate insects, making them perfectly safe to use in a household with kids and animals. 


Is the Fatal Funnel eco-friendly? 

Yes, Fatal Funnel products are considered eco-friendly. Again, this is because they’re free of chemicals, pesticides, and poison. We also encourage you to recycle and reuse your two-liter bottles. 


Are your traps made in the U.S.? 

Yes. We manufacture and package all our DIY fly, wasp, and hornet trap products at our facility in Logan, Utah, and ship them to stores and individuals nationwide. We’re a 100% made-in-America company. 


How can I get a Fatal Funnel fly and wasp trap? 

You can order traps directly from our website to your home. Select stores across the country also carry our products. 


Do you offer wholesale options for retailers and other businesses? 

Yes. Create a wholesale customer account on our website or contact us to learn more about placing bulk orders. 


Order your Fatal Funnel wasp and fly traps today and say goodbye to those pesky intruders ASAP!