Wasp Safety Tips

Protecting Yourself from Wasps and Hornets

Outdoor activities are great for families and friends, but a wasp or hornet sting can end the fun quickly. Give yourself the best chance to avoid this problems by following a few easy rules:

  • Avoid wearing bright colors when outside if there might be wasps or hornets around;
    neutral colors are best
  • Don't wear perfumes, colognes, or other strong scents, which may attract insects
  • Wear closed shoes to protect yourself from stepping on a wasp or hornet
  • If a wasp or hornet comes near you try to remain still until it leaves
  • Try to set up away from trash cans or other areas that might attract insects
  • Avoid leaving sugary drinks unattended, because wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are attracted to these; use closed containers or lids when possible
  • If drinking out of a can, cover the opening to prevent insects from going inside
  • If you see a nest away from your home, do not approach it
  • If you find a wasp or hornet nest in your yard, either contact a professional exterminator or wait until evening when the insects are quiet before attempting to remove it
  • Use Fatal Funnel Wasp Traps to protect your yard from wasps and hornets

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