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  Hello Mike,
  We have an update.  The fatal funnels are the BEST EVER.  We have hundreds of Yellowjackets in our      yard.  I put out 4 Fatal Funnels.  In one day all of the funnels were full of yellowjackets and Wasp.  We used 1 cup of hummingbird nectar, 2 cups of water and 5 tbsp sugar, and 2 tablespoons of old and smelly cat food.  Mix the whole thing up and put it in a very sunny and hot spot.   It must have captured at least 500 yellowjackets this past weekend.  I have attached a picture.

Thanks again for a great product.

                                                                                  David and Mary Cammilleri

A quick note to say that I've tried many products but yours surpasses them
all in effective elimination of wasps around the yard.

Following your recipe (including cat food!) I counted 37 wasps in the bottle
after only 30 minutes. And there may be a deterrent effect since I've had
very few wasps since I set it up.

I've returned to the store twice to purchase more fatal funnels as gifts for
friends with wasp problems.

                                                                                                                         D. Toews
                                                                                                                         West Coast of Canada



I purchased 2 traps from Harbor Freight Tools last week  because I have a lot of honey bees around the recycle bins and the back porch . They worked so well I went back to get more and they are all ways out so I looked you up on the Internet.
Now we can spend time on the back porch with out all the bees around.
Thank you,

                                                                                                                                     Tim Hath

Hello from Texas.

Turns out I have a bit of a problem ,,,,  No Wasps!  My program (as outlined in past e-mail) has eliminated nearly all wasps. I have seen only one rouge wasp in the last several days.  Ok,,, it is great for me ,, but presents a problem for pictures of the Fatal Funnel in action.

This is a great product!


I purchased 2 traps on a card a few years ago, forgot I had them until this year, tried them out camping last week and they are very effective. I used  two on one bottle with a simpler fruit mixture (I was lazy) and was very surprised how well it worked.

Are they still available and if so what retailer would handle them.



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